The Staff at Springfield Goes Above and Beyond!
“I have an incredible level of respect and appreciation for the staff at Springfield Rehab. I admire the work that they do and the way they do it. I have a special appreciation for the dietary staff. The kitchen staff are very accommodating and constantly go out of their way for the residents. For example, Chris from Dietary comes outside every day to water the plants. I thought to myself, “look at this kid, he really cares about this place.” Obviously, that’s not his job, but they are constantly going above and beyond, not just for the residents, but for the facility. You can ask them for anything, and they help right away. Overall, the food was good, and if there was something I didn’t like, they would accommodate me without a problem. They are some of the most compassionate and pleasant people I’ve ever met.”

– David Goldstein

“I transferred from Jefferson Hospital to Springfield Rehab after having back surgery. My family and friends suggested Springfield to me, and I had visited the facility previously. My good friend was here and when I came to visit; I was very pleased with his care. Overall, my experience was consistently positive. The Nursing staff have been very patient and have answered all of my questions. You can tell that they are authentic, they truly care. From day one, each little step was encouraged by all the staff; Nursing, the CNAs, Therapy, Social Services, etc. Imani and Free always encouraged me with a deep smile. Kamisha was great; she challenged me in physical therapy but was also my biggest cheerleader. Every day was another step for improvement!”

– Sandra

I dislocated my shoulder at home and was sent to Bryn Mawr Hospital. The doctors had suggested after my procedure that I pursue inpatient therapy before going home. I had been to other facilities in the past, but I wanted to be closer to home this time. I’m from Havertown and worked on the Mainline when I was younger, so my wife and I decided that Springfield was the best choice as she would only have a 10-minute trip to home see me. Therapy was FANTASTIC. I came in for my shoulder, but my balance wasn’t great before I went to the hospital. Now I can get up without my cane and walk by myself without any help or fear of falling! Therapy welcomed my wife to my treatment sessions so I could show her how great I was doing.

My favorite part about Springfield was the large common area for activities. The activities staff encouraged me to attend activities, which helped me make friends and relieved my anxiety. It feels good to have people that want you to be a part of something. Whether we are painting, making a bracelet, or drinking coffee together it is more than just an “activity,” it is time spent with other people. A HUGE thanks to the girls in the activities department; Deb, Anna, and Sarah for spending that time with me. The staff are friendly and accommodating. I had some days where my anxiety and the pressure I put on myself would get the best of me, but my nurse, Imen, was always there for me. One particularly bad day, she came into my room, held my hand, and calmly stated, “I don’t like seeing you like this”; I instantly felt better. I have been to facilities before, and no one has ever done that for me. No other facility has ever cared to console me. She is by far the best nurse I have ever met; she really cares about her patients and about people.

I’ve been to other facilities in the past, but I have to say, Springfield is by far the best experience I have ever had. I would recommend Springfield to anyone that needs rehab!

– Fredric Ziegelbaum

“I knew I wasn’t feeling well at home, but I really did not want to go to the hospital. My son, the poor thing, was desperate to help me the best he could, but I was barely eating and getting weaker and weaker. When I fell out of my bed, that’s when my kids said “It’s time to go.” By the time I got to Crozer Chester, I was so dehydrated and malnourished; I couldn’t even swallow! Even though I really wanted to go home, the social worker Theresa convinced me that I would benefit from therapy. Springfield was the perfect location for me and my family. Being from around this area was an easier and a closer commute, so my family could visit me.

When I arrived at Springfield I couldn’t walk, or stand, let alone roll over in bed by myself. Over time, working with the therapy team, I’ve come so far. I am so much stronger! That is a huge thanks to Tina, Jason, and especially Sam. They’ve really pushed me to get better. Overall, the staff at Springfield have been good to me. They are pleasant and very personable. I feel like they’ve made an effort to get to know me. I would of course recommend Springfield!”

– Yvonne Crawford

“I am a Wallingford resident who came to Springfield Rehab from Riddle Hospital. I needed to wear a cast for several weeks and was not able to do the things I needed to be independent. PT was a great balance between aggressive and compassionate. They really helped me progress with becoming independent and navigating steps. I am very impressed with everyone there. Despite the Covid restrictions, there was not a day that went by that Activities didn’t offer their services. The nursing staff was such a great help. Diane, Nancy, Alice, and Cindy were so nice to me. They even helped me call the kitchen to get alternative food selections if I did not want was on the menu.”

–Richard House

Improving Your Health in a Comfortable and Caring Environment!
“I came to Springfield Rehab from Lankenau Hospital Covid positive. I spent the first half of my stay in the Covid Unit at Springfield, where I began my recovery and physical therapy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The staff, including the doctors, nurses, and CNAs have all been extremely friendly and interested in my care needs. I’ve especially felt supported by the rehab department, which has assisted me in reaching my set goals. I recommend Springfield Rehab to anyone who is interested in improving their health and doing so in a comfortable and caring environment.”

–Emma Chappell

I’ve Truly Enjoyed My Time Here!
I’ve had so much fun with everyone at Springfield! The staff goes above and beyond, and you can tell how much they care about what they do and who they take care of. Every concern or worry was promptly addressed. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here. There are several staff members that have a special place in my heart. Beverly in Housekeeping, my angel, who has constantly encouraged me. Abe, Administrator in Training, who has eased my anxiety from my very first day. Dawnmarie and Kenyatta, in Nursing, who have made me feel so well taken care of and safe. Kenyatta has a beautiful soul and constantly went out of her way to ensure my stay was perfect. I will miss everyone at Springfield!”

–Maria Pennestri

“I enjoyed walking and exercising with my physical therapist. We made it fun by laughing and singing. I am feeling so much stronger and confident now with walking than I was before I even came in. My nurses were amazing. They were very nice, caring, answered all my questions, and were very helpful. I also loved my meals – they were delicious. I would recommend Springfield Rehabilitation to my friends and neighbors.”

-Marie Villano

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